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Quality in the materials chosen, compliance with our governing agencies and testing procedures when coating our products ensure a durable result. This, in turn, provides for the satisfaction of our customers and strengthens our relationships for years to come.



Ceco Poles offers a variety of poles, standard and custom, thanks to a combined experience of over 90 years of pole building. See our technical specifications below for your project requirements and pole lighting solutions.



Do not compromise your plans for availability and economic viability. Allow us to help problem solve, source materials, build prototypes. Whether you are searching for complex surface treatments or a “less-is-more” approach involving simple geometry and attention to detail. View technical specifications


OHL Utility

Our projects covers the globe driven by Canadian companies. Components such as shield-wire brackets, cross-arm transformer bases, zed-brackets are a few items that we commonly supply. These items are built in compliance with standard CSA G.164 and CSA S6 latest edition. View technical specifications



At Ceco, we exploit our skills in welding and fabrication, our commitment to high quality and precision, and our creative thinking abilities to step outside our main focus area of light standards and deliver solutions to complex structural challenges. That’s where the “Structures” in Ceco Poles & Structures comes in. View technical specifications



Accessorizing a Ceco pole is easy. Ask for removable banner arms, plant hangers, base covers, decorative castings and more. Standard accessories range from post top adaptors(hyper) to lightning caps, pole sweeps and closed circuit brackets. View technical specifications


Finishes & Coatings

Experience in pole construction since the 1970s plays a very important role in today’s processes at Ceco. We developed a 5000 square foot paint area. Industrial coatings that meet volatile organic compound requirements, applied to a near‐white particulate blasted steel product, is an example of an experienced fabricator, that will stand beside its product. View technical specifications

About us

Ceco Poles & Structures Inc. has a 25-year track record building light standards, pole-line hardware and site-specific structures for the roadway, energy, land development and agricultural markets. This has allowed us to cultivate great relationships, while our commitment to quality and well-equipped fabrication facility have enabled us to drive continual technological innovation. Our product lineup is CSA-certified and our facility is CWB-governed, reflecting that attention to quality and safety are our guiding principles.


We are a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) governed facility, and were certified in 1993. Each audit reviews materials, parts per project, and completed items for workmanship, quality control and adequate labelling. The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) also performs audits to test our workmanship quality, staff abilities and materials compliance. We were CWB-certified in 1989.

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The CECO Advantage

There is a reliable project history to corroborate the following claim: Working with Ceco gives you, the project owner, distinct advantages. These include our inventiveness, our commitment to high-quality and durable products, and our flexibility. What does that mean in practice? Here are concrete examples.

Back in the late 1980s/early 1990s we came to realize operators of remote sites in the energy sector were having a hard time changing mast-mounted lighting or adjusting field antennas. Each change-out required a picker truck to be brought in. Ceco realized there was a great opportunity to provide a real solution, and we decided to go big or go home. We invented a whole new approach, our 15 metre (50 foot) CE 7SQH50 square-hinged pole. Instead of forcing the worker to ascend to the level of the light, Ceco created a way to bring the fixture down to earth. The energy sector embraced this product and has made it one of our most successful stories. Add the hot-dipped zinc coating to it, and this product is capable of 80 years of service.

So, working with Ceco means your delivery requirements will be met. Even when there may be a project oversight or a change in the overall scope of your project, Ceco is willing to help. In one case, a project requirement changed from 90 light standards to 60, but foundations for all 90 were already installed. Ceco’s response was to immediately interface with the custom fabricator, which culminated in an easy-to-assemble, engineered base adaptor shipped to site in time for the 30 new designs and layout to be installed.


CECO Poles technical specifications on poles and accessories.



Round Tapered

Tapered Square






Octagonal Tapered

High Mast

Lightning Protection Mast





Post Top Adapters


Power Distribution Hardware / OHL


Our Portfolio

CECO Poles has completed work across the globe, but noticable are the following.


Light standards, traffic structures
and pedestrian crossings

The Calgary Zoo

LED lighting & Giraffe Feeder

East Villages phases 1 -10

20-foot-tall light standard

The University of Calgary

Gateway and pathway LED lighting

4th Street Underpass

Gull-Wing Origami Light Standards

Department of Transportation

Airport Runway Poles

Airport Structures

Visual Guidance Display Systems

Calgary Peace Bridge

Memorial Park Pathway


For over 25 years, Ceco has provided high-quality solutions to markets with a range of needs, from rural to civil, remote to pedestrian. Whatever industry you are in, let us bring our knowledge and experience to bear on your project’s requirements.


Our products are usually some of the last items to see installation at a new commercial or residential development.


We provide systems for everything from standard highway or interchange needs.


Among your industry’s needs are timeliness, affordability and quality, and Ceco delivers.


Ceco has provided support throughout the spectrum, from county governments and private businesses to environmental professionals.

CECO Poles & Structures Inc.

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